01 July 2011

A Lifetime Ago

This photo is from twenty years ago when I worked on campus as a Student Analyst in the computer labs. A group came into the lab one day to get pictures of the staff (and lab) for the Administrative Affairs Annual Report and I just happened to be on duty in the Dale Hall Tower lab. I remember being in my station and the photographer asked me to move to a public computer to pose.

This picture ended up in the report which I recently dug out of my bookcase after a co-worker and I were discussing that we used to work with a guy who was recently killed by a train. I was trying to get a mental picture of this guy because I only saw him a few times (I worked in the labs and he worked in the computing center) but no such luck. I did see pictures of people I used to work with though. My how times have changed!

This picture evoked a lot of thoughts like:
  • Look at all that hair!
  • No more four eyes (Lasik 11 years ago)
  • Nail polish...ick!
  • Again, look at all that hair!
  • Tucked in plaid flannel shirt? (No doubt tucked into my bleached Guess jeans which were tucked into my Cole Hahn range boots. SN: I JUST threw those boots out this past year after leaving them outside for way longer than is recommended.)
  • Question: Where did that carefree girl go?  Answer: She's still here! (behind the furrowed brow)

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