17 July 2011

Other Watering Holes

Our vacation didn't just include some really cool beaches...

Mom's Pool
Mom's "trailer trash" pool
And we also visited a nearby natural spring that is NOTHING like I remember as a child. It looked so much smaller (that's what she said!) and clearer. While the water was clearer than I remember, it still seemed dirty. Maybe it's because it was so crowded. We definitely preferred the beaches!

Lithia Springs
Emi's Not Sure About The Springs...
Lithia Springs
Not Bad AFTER You Get In
Nu Shooz
The Man from Atlantis (Scott got some new shoes)
David started whining about something so he got to wear the water spout (also used as a megaphone) as a hat while on the "beach". As you can see, we are not above shaming our children... ;.)

Dunce Cap
Dunce Cap
We all got into the water at one point. I was rather reluctant because it was so crowded and kinda gross and we could not bring food or beverage into the beach area. That worked out in our favor because we left the second someone started whining for something to eat.

Sonic Patio
Lunch is Served

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