25 July 2011


Last night as we were finishing up Breaking Bad we heard the oddest sound on the roof...a pitter patter of RAIN DROPS? I could hardly believe it! Earlier the weathermen showed a forecast of 100+ degrees all week with only a 20 or 30 percent chance of storms on Monday. I jumped out of bed to confirm and thought we must have been wrong because my cat was laying on the front lawn looking at me (like what?) through the window. Then we both looked at the streetlight and that's when we both realized it WAS rain! Hallelujah!

It didn't rain hard for very long but I fell asleep to rain drops! This morning when we let the dogs out it was misting a little too. At lunchtime when it's normally been 96 degrees already it was only 88 degrees today, and our leaky rain gauge showed that we got .25" of rain.  It's been overcast all day and a really welcome break from the oppressive heat.

Thank you God for the rain!

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  1. The rain was so nice to have, wish it would of stuck around a bit more. Im personally still waiting for a cold front from alaska to swoop down lol


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