04 July 2011

Block Party Reunion

Last night we had a reunion of many of my childhood neighbors. A friend who lived up the street organized this reunion from her new home in Italy. It was at her brother's house and it was so nice to see so many from our childhood days. We got to meet her hubby and her new baby- Saverio - who is 5 months old. And a few others who live on the street still or nearby were there and we talked about who'd moved on or passed away or divorced. We reminisced about how we had the best block parties and how the food was perfect (it was perfect again tonight!).  We used to go sailing with my friend and her family and they would make these funny films with Jaws and Damien parodies to entertain us at the parties.

One lady showed up and wasn't quite sure who I was and when I reminded her that I used to deliver her newspaper she gave me a hug and said she still had a pantyhose face doll that I sold her back then. It's funny because I don't recall selling one to her but I do remember selling one to another neighbor and they stuck it on their mantle (at least it was there when I visited them).

It was great to see everyone now that we're all grown up and to see their kiddos. My kiddos went into full on "Hobo Mode" asking any adult in earshot to push them on the swings, give them Go Kart rides, chips, water, you name it. Everyone seems to be completely under their spell and I have to admit it that I am in awe. I guess they learned at a very young age to go ahead and ask for what they want...can't hurt. Might get them somewhere.... 

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  1. Aww :) Sounds like fun. I love that about kids - never afraid to ask or to do anything. I wish all adults were that way, not caring what others think and just being totally themselves :)

  2. Alex, I definitely can learn a lot from these kiddos. BTW, I checked out your blog and photography and I am in awe of your skills! Beautiful pictures before and after your editing. Thanks for sharing!


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