05 July 2011

Independence Day

Little Hippie Chick


Us After the "Flash Mob" at the Park
It was a HOT day and I think I would have been okay skipping most of it. The "flash mob" ended up being more like an "obvious glob" and we clumped together in 100 degree temps and tried to dance together. Before the show we practiced and got the moves down and Aubri decided to join us. She was going to dance in between me and Emi and just mimic what we did. In the end, Emi decided to dance in the front row (i.e. bailed on us) and they changed the direction we were to dance and Aubri and I ended up towards the frontish and Aubri mostly just stared at the littlest girls. If this were on my Life List I could cross it off but it wasn't; it was just something I wanted to do with/for my girls. Will post a link once I get it from the Parks Department. Should be good for a laugh...

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