08 July 2011

The Color Purple

I have a very fragrant Vitex (Chasteberry) Tree in front of my shed. I am not sure what to do with it right now. I have pruned it many times over the years and snipped the offshoots from the base of the tree but they keep coming back. I don't like that it's so huge and I've seen a few pretty specimens around my neighborhood, these have more shape and are much lower to the ground.

Scraggly (yet fragrant) Chasteberry Tree
I am thinking about pruning it heavily and letting the offshoots fill in making it more of a bush....what do you think? Can you picture it? I mean, look at how pretty the blooms are!

Gorgeous Flowers and Naughty Foliage
Speaking of blooms, I don't know if my English Lavender is past its prime for harvesting, but I harvested more and am making a couple more wands.

English Lavender
Past the Prime?

Harvested Lavender
Harvested Lavender (doesn't that sound so cruel)
I love having purple in my yard and feel blessed that I have any blooms at all in this heat wave! Hope you have some purple in your life too!

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