14 July 2011

Littlest Footprint

No, this post is not about my sweet little Aubri although she DOES have a tiny footprint. This is about my mom and her almost non-existent footprint. I don't think she throws away anything. Not that she recycles, she just keeps stuff... I don't want to call her a hoarder just yet, but we'll see. Now that she's retired she has the time to sort through stuff and "send it to the Philippines". We'll have to re-evaluate things next year. She spends most of her time in her beautiful yard keeping things looking like the islands so the house is like a giant 2-story closet. She has the critical path cleared to things she needs like food and restroom but not much else until we come to visit.

I won't post any pictures of the overfull closets or expired foods in the pantry that she won't let me throw out, but I will tell you that on one trip I went home with a Ronco "set it and forget it" Rotisserie and on another trip I took home a Magic Bullet.  I know...she likes to watch infomercials and I can only benefit from it, I'm sure. ;.)

On this trip she told me that a 12 acre area close to her will be chopped up into 48 homes soon.  I can only imagine what they'd do to her paradise if she was willing (she's not!). Instead of pictures of her treasures inside, I will share the beauty of place outside...

Cooler Here (It's been up to 111 degrees back home)
Cooler Here

Behind the Deck
Scott with the Umbrella Net

Mossy, Swampy Creek
Swampy Creek at Lola's Place


Fresh Picked Orange
Fresh Picked Orange

Lola Peels Oranges
Lola Peels Oranges for the Little Ones (aka Hobos)

Fish Pond
Lola's Pond (home to lots of hungry Koi, Bluegill and Minnows)

Bottle Brush

Lola's Pond
Lola's Pond

Jai Alai
Jai Alai and Storage Sheds

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