20 July 2011

At the Beach (Part 1)

We did the beach thing differently this trip and it proved to be a very good thing indeed. Typically we'd rush to get to the beach before lunch time - during the peak time - and we'd get fried and head home before sunset. Not this time. Perhaps it was the addition of two more to the mix or maybe we are old(er) and wise(r) but we opted to head to Fort De Soto after lunch and after the kiddos had had their nap. We got to the beach around 4PM when most guests had cleared out and left 3 hours later after we'd eaten, swam, explored and made new friends. Perfect time at the beach...

Vincent's New Friend

Daddy and the Kids
Mia Familia

My Precious NINE Year Old

2nd Base
Sandy Boobs (aka 2nd base)

Sand Castles
Sand Castles

Sand Dollars
Sand Dollars

North Beach at Ft Desoto
Ft. DeSoto Beach set
Walking Bridge to Fort De Soto Beach

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