27 July 2011

Good Things

If you've read my blog for any length of time or have seen my pictures on my Flickr OR if you actually KNOW me in real life, you know that I've gotten into a spot or two over the years when I have left Emi's braids in for too long. The new growth coupled with the shed hair and sand/product/etc locks her hair and it's a long, tedious process to comb out. The week after school let out I had started the process of taking out her micro braids and converting them into twists. It was starting to look cute but I never got to the back of her head. Fast forward to the last day of vacation in Florida and I was converting the twists back into micro braids because Emi had twisted them into something unrecognizable.  Once we were back home I worked on her hair for 2 evenings (slow progress) and then something wonderful happened!

Scott's co-worker, who has the same texture hair as Emi and the same feelings about going/staying natural, volunteered to help us out. (Bless her heart!) She is doing what I normally do, but much better and she is going to help us get Emi into the game of caring for her hair. I am excited! Between the 3 of us I think there's hope for my sweet baby girl. It's nice to hear the stories of her growing up with relaxers and making the choice to go natural a few short years ago. We can compare notes on products that work and also, she can teach Emi to make her own hair products (love that).

Stay tuned...

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