22 July 2011

Peace Be With You

I've seen this garden the past few mornings and it's given me some ideas for my yard... Instead of the Peace Path that I have been envisioning for a few years now, I'm thinking a Meditation Garden might be better. When I was wondering what to do about my Vitex/Chasteberry Tree/Shrub recently, I did some research and found I could propagate the cuttings from this tree. That would be a great way to share the color purple and this fragrant shrub with friends and family. I've done this with Passion Flower and Forsythia before successfully and I've tried (and failed) with my Camelia plant recently too. It's worth a try to cultivate such a beautiful plant to share.

This season has been so terribly hot that I am focusing ahead to next year and getting some plants rooted and established for 2012. I transferred my mom's Butterfly Ginger into a planter and also into the bed with my banana plants. Some gardeners in Oklahoma dig up their banana plants to overwinter inside but we choose to leave them in the ground to fend for themselves. We have 2 types in our back yard that have thrived and multiplied even with the harsh winters and summers of the past few years. Of course we don't get blooms/fruit so maybe we should dig up a few this winter to keep inside. I am curious to see if the ginger will do the same.

I am thinking the Meditation Garden could tie together the space west of our garden pond (FILLED with tadpoles currently) and Emi's neglected "M" herb garden. I would want to include a nice archway with a gate (remember, we have chickens) that I would cover with some of the trumpet vine we have growing around the yard already.  The goal is to create the garden from plants that I already have in my yard (or may be available through trade with friends).  Oh, I've got ideas while I am inside with the A/C on but those ideas evaporate like the sweat on my brow when I am actually outside these days.  Luckily I have lots of indoors projects to do!

What about you? What's inspiring you today?

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