10 August 2012


Last night started off so promising. I was beat from 4 very busy days at work and all I wanted to do was get to bed. I made dinner for the family and after we got the kids to bed, I took a nice, long, relaxing bath and then I read a couple of chapters of Hunger Games. (Emi and I are both reading the book but she's about 40 pages ahead of me.) Emi had a friend sleeping over so Scott and I decided to watch an episode of Mad Men in the bedroom (we're on season 3). I could barely keep my eyes open for the whole episode so I didn't even try to....

After I dropped off that first time, I was awakened around 1am. Emi and her friend were still awake making noise in the living room, so I got up and told them it was time to go to sleep...then I went back to sleep for another hour...

At 2:20am there was a little hand knocking on our door. It was David and when Daddy got up to see what the problem was, I could hear David stage whispering that he'd had an accident.  [Note: He didn't wet the bed but we'd had a reminder talk earlier in the evening about telling us when he has waited too long to get to the toilet instead of letting us find out on our own or lying about it, so he was really emphatic about letting us know so he wouldn't be in trouble...at 2:20am!]

So we got back to bed and I managed to get back to sleep for an hour and a half! This time it's Aubri beside my bed telling me she's had a bad dream. She's grabbing my hand and when I asked her why her hands were wet, she said it was because she just washed them after she went to the bathroom. At that point I knew that she really hadn't had a bad dream, she was just trying to scam her way into our bed. I walked her to our door and she stood on the left side grabbing at the door. When I asked her what she was doing, she said "Trying to open the door" (while pulling Daddy's robe and towel off the door).  The handle's on the right side of the door...right where it's always been. Did I ever mention that sometimes Aubri reminds me of a little drunkard?

When we got to her room, she said she couldn't get her covers back on her bed. I asked her what they were doing on the floor and she said she fell down.... okee... After I got her tucked back into bed I had about 45 minutes of glorious undisturbed sleep...

Ahhh... TGIF!

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