17 August 2012

A Look Back...

I was looking at some old pictures that Scott had imported into iPhoto and mixed in with the thousands of pictures of my sweet little Emiliana (being the center of our world back then), I found this old high school picture of me. (I had scanned it in back then for the big 20 year reunion.)

Hello Hair!
Emi asked why I wasn't smiling and I had to think hard about this. I was a moody teenager so it could have been anything.  While I was a rebel, I was a generally happy kid and I don't appear to be doing the teenage bershon thing here. I was 15 (this was my junior yearbook photo) and I was excited about being in high school finally with the 2 junior high schools funneling their student populations into 1 high school. Then I remembered why I wasn't smiling; I was wearing braces for the 2nd of what end up being 4 years! The braces thing got old after the first year...

So this is me today.

27 Years Later

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