21 August 2012


Friday was the first day of the city-wide garage sale in which we decided to participate. We had random items in the yard and in the basement and garage that needed to go and normally we'd take this stuff straight to the Salvation Army. But the kids (at the behest of the oldest sibling) had been bugging (begging) us for a new pet. Specifically a pet rat. We are not quite sold on the idea, especially since I saw a special on rat infestations and how quickly and boldly they can take over... but we are still entertaining the idea of getting a fancy rat.

But we aren't going to pay for said rat, so we decided to let the kids earn some money to start a new Pet Fund.

So this past week Scott cleaned out the garage and we had items sorted to toss, keep or sell. Thursday night we lugged stuff up from the basement and started pricing.

Friday morning after the sun came up we set up shop and unloaded a lot of items we no longer needed (i.e. a dolly, some bikes, an air compressor)...

  Manning the Sale

David did his part in helping out by greeting the customers and letting them know who's bike that was ("That's my sister's bike!") and then talking about the customers as they walked away ("Why didn't they buy anything?!") Despite his valiant efforts, stuff got sold!

By lunchtime, we thought were done, but after we put the kids down for their nap we powered through...for another hour.  Then we decided to load up the truck and cart the remaining items to Salvation Army a day early. That second day might have yielded a little more cash, but it was so freeing to be rid of the extra stuff, have some cash on hand AND have Saturday free to TCB.

And in the end
I'm sure Spidey has found a good home...

Saturday morning started off really nice, chilly and overcast. After breakfast, we loaded up the kids and headed out for back to school clothes shopping. Our first stop was Kohl's. As we were making our way to Kohl's, the skies opened up and dropped buckets and buckets of rain. We were soaked as we made our way into the store and then the electricity went out. The looting began almost immediately!

Just kidding! The power flickered for a few moments and then we got to the serious business of getting the kids some much needed socks, shoes, under clothes, etc.

Two hours later....it was still raining and we were finally headed home.

Drinking up the Rain

Later in the afternoon, we girls decided to get out and find me a cheap hair cut. I have a go-to girl that I am happy with, but I didn't want to futz with an appointment and I really just wanted a trim, so to Top Cuts is where we went. I was in and out within 15 minutes!

After that we braved Walmart for groceries and school supplies. David starts Pre-K and this will be the only time that he's in school with big sister Emi. What a year this will be! He is also going to play soccer like big sis. I don't know how we'll squeeze in all of the extra-curricular activities, but I guess we will. Looking forward to what this year brings us!

Cuteness Overload

Sunday was a relaxing day after church. I even managed to get a 30 minute nap in.

Today I am longing for Sunday afternoon. I have been way busy at work this week and this morning at 3:21, I woke from a sound sleep thinking I heard a gunshot coming from campus. I can't be sure I wasn't dreaming...I hope I was.

Hope the week has been kind to you, friends!
Here's to Back to School!


  1. Kids always want the weirdest pets! Glad to see you all happy during the final days of summer!

    1. Hey Shawna, that rat thing might not happen...we'll see! And summer is officially over as of yesterday! So sweet to see David going on and on about his first day of school!


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