12 August 2012

The Three Stooges

These days my little Aubri has gotten a little shy...intermittently. She always has love for Mommy though (and I am eating that up!)...

Shy Aubri
"don't wanna smile"...we almost caught her smiling here at Grandaddy-O's birthday dinner...

My Sweet Babies
Not gonna do it...she was forced to "smile" here...
The other night when we talked about renting The Three Stooges and picnicking in the living room, Aubri said "Yeah, the Three Students!" That's my girl!

So tonight we actually did watch the remake of The Three Stooges and it was really good...had us all laughing in between bites of leftover casserole.

And the kids learned a few new moves which they practiced on themselves...

Wise Guy!

Nyuck! Nyuck! Nyuck!

I am so proud of all three of my stooges!

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