24 August 2012


Last night I reached into my jewelry box and found a tangle of earrings, rings and necklaces (and buttons and coins and rocks, oh my!). I decided to sort through the mess when I remembered that I had some small ziploc bags down in the basement that I could use to keep things tidy. While I was rooting around in the crafting supplies, I ran across some small watchkeeper cases that I bought many years ago on a whim. These are 33mm aluminum cases with glass tops (20 in an aluminum case).

Aren't they cute?
I also have a box each of 41mm and 48mm that are waiting to be used.

For valentines one year, Emi and I hot glued magnets on 70mm cases and filled them with conversation hearts for her friends.  We thought it would be cool for her friends to be able to reuse the cases to store small items on their fridges.

So anyway, this mess:

plus this mess:

were merged into this neat box...
I sifted out a few pair of mismatched earrings for our little Christmas tree (and to donate) and also bagged up a few necklaces to keep them from tangling up again.
I probably should have done this sort last Thursday before our garage sale, huh?

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