22 August 2012

First Day of School

It seems like only yesterday that we were telling David he'd be going to school with Big Sister Emi next year...

First Day of School
Emi's First Day of 4th Grade (August 2011)
But that day is here. Today the whole family escorted David and Emi to their first day of school.

Growing Up So Fast
Emi 5th Grade, David Pre-K

My Little Ones

Daddy and His Big Girl

Emi was embarassed that we were escorting her to her class and taking pictures (get used to it baby girl!) and David was so excited about making new friends...he wasn't embarassed by us being there. I feel sorry for his teachers because the class is 75% boys...luckily there are 2 teachers to keep things under control.

Excited for Her Brother and Sister
Happy for Big Brother
And Aubri was so excited for her brother before we dropped him off, but so sad on the way home... until Daddy took her to see any old friend at her old school... she brightened a bit after that. She sure does miss her brother when he's gone...

Next Year
Next Year, Baby Girl...

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