26 August 2012

Promise of a New Day

After a particularly long week at work last week, I was ready for the weekend...and the elusive rain. Saturday we spent the first half of the day in the yard and alley clipping, raking and bagging up yard waste. I decided to get busy on rooting some English Ivy for the back drive because all of the exposed concrete wall is too tempting for the local graffiti artists and the clematis roots that I bought this past spring were duds. The English Ivy is readily available here so I'll go with that. Kids don't spray paint pretty green vines, do they?

I also got to spend some quality time in my garden and I'm disappointed that I let it go so much this summer. Earlier this summer we harvested the single kabocha squash that I'd grown (before it died on the vine) and Emi cooked it up in a sort of hash that I didn't get to taste. ;.( One of my Casper pumpkins perished because of the heat or possibly because it was choked out by some mystery melon species that I wish I'd cleared out months ago when I found it growing in the compost pile. I am not 100% sure, but I think it's an invasive wild melon.  The other one is sitting on the counter in the kitchen possibly maturing, not sure at this point. It definitely doesn't look like Casper though. It's a brownish green.

My organic watermelon vine grew 2 melons that were taken over by insects before they could get too big. ;.( Actually one is still out there possibly surviving, possibly not.

Last October I brought these home from the office breakroom ..

Mystery Melon - do YOU know what they are?
We didn't eat them because we were never sure what they were - ever the composter though, I tossed them into the compost pile.

And this is what I found in the garden last week.

Found This in the Garden

Something had already started gnawing on it so I threw it away, but then I really inspected what was left in the garden and it looks like I have at least 9 more of these babies growing on a vine that had taken over my garden. We cut one open yesterday to see what was inside and it smells like cucumber and it looked like it was oozing.


I should have been suspicious when this vine was growing so well. Only weeds grow this well, right?

I am still hoping to get a bumper crop of tomatoes as the weather cools down and maybe I might be able to salvage that single watermelon out there....

And I'm sad to say that those pesky orange caterpillars devastated my passion flower again this year. I hope the vine will be able to come back next year, but a couple of years ago when they invaded, my vine never recovered... ;.(

But we got rain (glorious rain!) last night and between that and the rains from last week, things are looking up around here (except for my fragrant Craepe Myrtle which was looking down after being soaked with rain)...

002 copy

I am looking forward to a new day and a new week...last week was brutal...

On the way home from MeeMaw's and PeePaw's
Here's to the promise of a new day for us all this week.
Hope you all have a fantabulous week, friends!

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  1. That is a precious photo of your three snoozing angels -- definitely one for the memory books! I also loved your description of rain, glorious rain -- wishing, hoping, and praying for more soon. Thanks for the fantabulous wishes -- you, too!


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