08 July 2015

We Made It

We were up at the butt crack of dawn trying to eat breakfast, walk the dog, repack our stuff and get on down the road. Let's just say that my little family of 5 is not as efficient as we could be. Luckily we didn't have anything pressing scheduled for Tuesday. We breezed from Louisiana through Alabama to Florida in no time at all.

The Morgans have invaded Florida...again!
It was only a short few more hours to my mom's from here....
After the excitement of getting to Florida wore off, there was a little more of this

Sleeping on Her Baby Seal

and this...

Crick Neck

and this...

Comforting Herself with the Kiddos

We made it to mom's late that afternoon and were greeted by an amazing lightning show and thunderstorm. It was like having our own personal fireworks show!

Trying to Find a Safe Spot During the Thunderstorm
Not all of us appreciated the light show...
Mom was ready for us with Cuban sandwiches and other goodies. We unpacked the cars and settled in...



  1. Nolita, what fun! Loved the "snooze" photos and Cuban sammiches upon your arrival. Your Mom sounds like she lives up to her name. ;) I also loved your Cajun feast "to geaux." Memories are made of these moments and you've stored up some fabulous ones.

    1. Kim, I know you appreciate road tripping and tasty morsels of food. Good to hear from you. I am still working on the rest of the posts from the trip so stay tuned...


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