09 July 2015

As Per Usual

The first morning of my visit, I am usually up early exploring my mom's place. I miss silly things like the moss!


And not so silly things, like the fruit that she effortlessly grows in her yard...



And I am fairly certain that there has to be an alligator in her creek!

Driftwood Sightings (no alligators so far)
Driftwood Decoy (Still got my heart racing)

But I have yet to spot one...

And I counted 18 staghorn ferns (Platycerium bifucatum) hanging from my mom's trees. If I would have had the space in my car, I'd have brought one home with me. They are gorgeous! See?

Staghorn Fern

On this first morning, after the rest of the house woke up, we went to one of my sister's go-to Cuban restaurants for a delicious breakfast.

This is standard.

Cafe con Leche
cafe con leche
But the Cuban omelet (with picadillo and sweet Plantains) was new to me. And also delicioso.

Cuban Omelet

I would have been happy with just a cafe con leche and some Cuban toast with Guava preserves, but this was a little bit of heaven. It's on the the list for things to try out at home for breakfast....

After breakfast, we headed to Ft. Desoto so the guys could fish off the pier and the ladies could hang at North Beach. When we arrived, things were brighter than I recalled...

This place was a lot shadier last time.

North Beach @ Ft. Desoto
Blindingly Bright 

Four years ago it was quite a bit shadier.

July 2011 - Lots of Shade
The Australian pines that shaded this beachy area have been cut down.  It was sad to see and I hope the next time we visit that there is more vegetation.

North Beach @ Ft. Desoto

We hung out at the beach for a while...

Then we went to the pier to check in on the guys...

Ft. Desoto Pier

Pier Selfie


The coolest thing we saw while on the pier were the dolphins trying to take the fishermen's bait or catch.

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