13 July 2015

“We’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing.”

During our two weeks in Florida, we finagled a couple of days to get away for a kid-free adventure. This past spring we got hooked on Bloodline so we researched some of the places that the Rayburns frequent.


Along the way we stopped off a few times to see if we could spot any alligators. At this rest stop when we had exited the car and were walking to the restrooms, Scott's GPS said "Head East!" out of nowhere. Odd because we only had North South options. Maybe it was her polite way of telling us to "Get Lost!"?

No Alligators Spotted

On the way to Key West we stopped in Key Largo to get some sandals. Then we stopped in Islamorada for lunch at the Beach Cafe (it was on the list) and that was so cool. We pretended to be guests of the Rayburns.


And we wanted to get a picture on the famous curved palm tree, but we didn't. It was across the street at the private Blue Charlotte house and we didn't know how exactly to get there until we'd already left. This would suffice.

This was not it.

But isn't this GORGEOUS?

We thought this was the Inn but we heard that the Inn was actually across the street with the tree. We could not afford to stay at the Moorings Village and Spa but we were lucky enough to sleep in a tent on the beach at Boyd's Key West Campground! More on that in my next post...


But back to the Beach Cafe, it was pretty cool. We thought we might ought to have some tequila because "Who doesn't like tequila?" but we never did. We had Key West Sunset Ale instead. Thirst-quenching and perfect with the conch fritters and smoked fish dip.



Beach Cafe
Can you see me?

Beautiful Flower at Beach Cafe
Maya's Airstream @ the Beach Cafe

This was at close as we got to the Rayburn Inn... next time!

Just like in the show, there are orchids everywhere....growing in the air and ...


out of trees... beautiful...


Next time I want to stay one night here in paradise....

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