12 July 2015

Sunday, Sunday (in Florida)

Sunday morning, we met up with my dad's side of the family at another Cuban restaurant.  My breakfast consisted of cafe con leche, eggs, grits and Cuban toast, but who cares? Look at this cutie with my sister!

Look at sweet baby girl's teeth!

Baby Claire is my third cousin and the youngest addition to the Stewart clan. Right before this picture was taken, she picked me out of the crowd to hold her and I was so very honored.

My cousin Sheila, her son, Aubri and my sister

David had the supreme honor of making the baby laugh. He told me before he went over to cheer her up that it works every time. I believe it!

Stewarts outside 


Later on, we celebrated my stepmom's birthday at a waterfront restaurant. It was a nice time but it was very hot and very humid (I know, it is Florida) and we were eating outside...


My nephew, Zeke



Mia Familia

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