16 July 2015

Key West, Baby

The next morning was...not good. While there was a slight ocean breeze in our tent as I was nodding off, there was no breeze in the middle of the night. The humid ocean air coupled with the not so quaint rooster crowing (way, way before sunrise!!!) made it hard to sleep so I got up with the roosters and showered in the camp showers to get some relief from the oppressive heat. When I got back to the tent, these guys were dumpster diving.

The hen and baby chicks are under and around the dumpster.

This guy kept ruffling his feathers like he was going to crow but he seemed to know to stifle it when humans were looking at him.  Another camper and I turned to enjoy the sun rising and that's when this cowardly guy did his thing.

Key West Sunrise from Nolita Morgan on Vimeo.

When Scott got back from his shower and we were both still wet after drying off, we decided to take measures into our own hands so we could enjoy the rest of our time in the Keys.

We reserved a room at a resort we passed by on our way back to camp last night. After we packed up our gear, the next order of business was to head to La Creperie, a cute little creperie located across from Blue Heaven.

The strong coffee was very much welcomed after the sleepless night I had, but this galette was the best thing I ate while in Key West!


The buckwheat crepe was filled with white cheddar and goat cheeses, arugula, pesto and avocado topped with a fried egg and basil. Tres bien!

You can't really tell but I am BLISSED out by this galette...


After breakfast we walked around Bahama Village Market area and I was happy to find that the baby chick survived the night - he was running and chirping. We stopped in the Lemonade Stand Art Studio to buy a cute strapless dress for Emi and view some cool art.



We saw some people working on their art too.


We wandered around the stores and picked up souvenirs (and ideas) for the kiddos, then we got trapped by one of those sales guys selling gold skin products! He offered me a sample as I walked by and then said he had another sample in the shop.  He put some eye cream under my eye that actually made me look more tired! No sale!  We hurriedly got out of there, secured daiquiris from Fat Tuesday and phoned the resort to beg to get into an air conditioned room early.

This was a little more like it.

Call us "Candy Asses", we don't care!

Now I really liked our camp site and I think we could have gotten through one more night there if we'd been able to use the fan we brought, but this was also very nice, no?


Air conditioned rooms and four pools. We took in the A/C for a bit, then went for a dip in one of the pools. I enjoyed a little nap and a longer shower than I had earlier.

Don't I look so relaxed now? The daiquiri, pool and nap helped immensely...
Scott had scoped out a place - Flat Jacks -  for us to watch the girls soccer game. That was a very cool experience, watching the US girls defeat the Germans, while eating wonderful grouper and Cuban sandwiches with cold brews. We shared our enormous booth with a nice couple from Georgia because there was standing room only in the place.


Was great to come "home" to our nice cool room to recharge for the next day's adventure of visiting more Bloodline locales...

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