14 July 2015

Key West Evening

So when we finally made it to Key West, we set up our tent and chairs, and took in the ocean breeze.

Primitive camping with no electricity for the fan we brought to keep cool and bug-free...

Chillin' at Camp in Key West
At least we had a bit of shade...


Then we headed down to Bahama Village to grab dinner at Blue Heaven. We ate scallops provencal and caribbean BBQ shrimp outside under the big canopy of trees. The food was delectable and the woman singing on stage just added to the wonderful experience.


And I re-confirmed that I still do not like gin, even if it's combined with things I love (lime and cucumber). Gin still tastes like hairspray to me. But my drink did not detract from the loveliness of our al fresco dining experience.

As we were dining and enjoying the music, we were visited by a few small chickens. They seemed happy to share our cornbread and toast points.

Reminded me of home...
After dinner we walked south to take in the sunset. We were trying to hurry as we noticed that the chickens in the square were already flying up into the trees to roost for the night.

This chick was freaking out to this hen as she was trying to get up to bed.

He looked a little surprised when she abandoned him. 
We made our way to the Southernmost Point.

Nice photobomb, lady!
I got the feeling that the woman was part of a band of escorts. They kept taking posing for pictures here and asking these solo men to take the same picture of them over and over. It seemed sorta fishy.



We saw a lot of beautiful flowering plants, coconuts and construction as we walked the streets.


And this cool lighthouse...


I caught the sunset on the pier...


We walked around Duval Street a little after sunset, then we hit a grocery store to stock up on snacks and drinks before heading back to camp. It was nice and peaceful ...for a while...

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