22 October 2011

Random David Quotes

Tonight as I was putting the Little Ones down for the night I asked David what he wanted to be when he grows up. Without hesitation he replied "Batman!" He then amended his answer to be "A Transformer with a Batman costume." Okee...

Earlier today when I was in the kitchen he kept popping in every 17 secs for some reason or another and the last time he popped in I asked him what he was doing (with crazy eyes, I might add), he backed away towards the sun room and said "I'm backing off". Good boy. Quick learner.

And earlier this week at pickup David was laying on the playground talking with a little girl. He told me that she had pinned him down. When I asked him what he was saying to her he replied "Uh McKenzie, can you let me up? My mom's here." I could not stop laughing at this and he, of course, kept repeating it and then he tried to get more laughs by saying "Uh McKenzie, can you let me up? My cat's here." Then we discussed the concept of leaving on a high note.

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