25 October 2011

Exorcising The Living Daylights

Scott and I have been in search of the scariest movie of all time...or at least something to give us a good fright this Halloween season. We're already hooked on The Walking Dead and American Horror Story shows so our tolerance has been increased. Images from these shows burrow their way deep into our brains and come out later in our dreams (which are ever so much scarier than the shows). And we watched The Exorcist a couple of weeks ago (I happen to think it's THE scariest movie of all time). A coworker said she thought that movie's effects were cheesy and suggested we watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose to see a scarier version of an exorcism with better effects. So we did and while it was a bit scary, and it did interfere with sleep patterns for the next TWO days, the movie itself paled in comparison with The Exorcist. I think the effects were good enough back in 1973 to terrify and scar me for life. If I even see a picture of Linda Blair without the demon makeup it sends shivers down my spine. Also, that demon voice ...{*shudder*}

We have gleaned a few more suggestions from fellow horror movie afficionados, but last night we had The Last Exorcism already DVR'd so we watched that. Yes, there were scary parts but they were getting to be a little old hat - young virgin girl gets possessed by a demon that makes her body contort in odd fashions and maybe there was some vomiting.  It's filmed as a documentary about the weird beliefs and practices in Louisiana and this preacher who is basically a fraud laughing about his "exorcisms". It was thrilling waiting for the bad things to happen to this guy and the camera crew (and that poor kitty cat) but the end wasn't scary as in WTF? but more like, ok, that's what I thought it was like in Louisiana already (having seen Angel Heart back in the day).

On the list to check out are:

  • Dawn of the Dead (I think we may have seen this already but I can't be sure)
  • 28 Days Later
  • Salem's Lot (this scared the bejeesus out of me when I was a kid)
  • The Thing (original version, scared me too)
  • Slither
  • Dead Snow

So, do you have any scary movie recommendations?


  1. Oh, I'm so not a scary movie person! Nope, can't handle it!!! I'm a total weenie.

  2. Well, I'm not sure if you two are looking for demon scary or just plain twisted scary. lol. I have been on the hunt as well for the scariest movie of all time and have failed miserably at actually pinning it down. I have definitely found some in the running though. Paranormal Activity (the first one), I personally thought was heebeegeebies scary. I left the theater feeling a bit anxious, which is very rare with me. Paranormal 2 & 3...don't waste your time. They will never compare to the original, which I find is more common than not. Another scary movie that I watched not to long ago is called The Strangers. It's been out a while but I definitely suggest you watch it if you haven't already. It's pretty intense. Psychological Thriller if you will? There's one called A Tale Of Two Sisters which has been dubbed one of the 50 scariest movies. I've got it on my list but it's a Korean flick and I'm not crazy about subtitles. The Hills Have Eyes - another creepy movie. I don't know if this helps out with 'the search' but hopefully it will! Talk to you soon.

  3. Oh! The Children Of The Corn...I remember that being scary back in the day. AND...The Last House On The Left...I prefer the original but the remake was okay as well. It goes back to 'the original' is always the best rule. :)

  4. Melissa, you are smarter than we are...you don't need these extra gruesome images invading your sleep, life already provides enough of that. I don't know why we keep coming back for more but we do!

    Stevus, definitely on Paranormal 1. We love the zombie thing and twisted scary too. American Horror is twisted like The Shining. I saw the listing of scariest 50 and saw that Korean movie -- that looked freaky scary. Will have to one by one view these to see what gives me a fright. The Exorcist has put the bar very high. I think a revisit to Salem's Lot might keep me awake for a few nights though. I think it has to do with exactly how young I was when I was exposed (10? 11?). Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. i remember having to turn off the exorcist as a child because it was so incredibly terrifying. i don't know how you can handle it!!

  6. The ring and Grudge. They freak me out a bit.

    My husband has us watching Thew Walking Dead. He watchs The other show you mentioned as well.

    Hope you get a good scare this Halloween season.



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