23 October 2011


Friday night we made quesadillas and had an indoor picnic in the living room while we watched Tangled...and then Toy Story 3.

Whatever, Kirby!
Kirby napping on our picnic blanket...he figured since he wasn't allowed on it Friday night, by God he'd be "allowed" on it Saturday afternoon while we were busy...

Slumbering Abbey
Abbey napped in her usual place in her usual position...do not adjust your monitor!

Yesterday was rough all the way around. Daddy was under the weather and was confined to the bedroom most of the day. After I cleaned like a maniac (still seemingly not making near enough progress), we tried to visit the library for the second day in a row and found it closed. Arrrgh! I had some children's books and a movie for the kiddos reserved for us. We came back and decided to have another picnic (outside, this time) anyway.

Nit Picnicking
My sweet little family, being sweet (for now...soon picnic turned into nitpick)
After we ate, we tried to capture the Little Ones singing (with hand motions) a song that an upperclassman (5th grader) taught Emi - I think it's called "The Llama Song". I uploaded some video but the kids were needing a nap and were off track and were trying to make up for not knowing the movements with yelling and speed. I will post a better video of this funny song when I can capture it.

When David and Aubri were out, Emi and I escaped to TJMaxx to stock up on socks and underwear. I forgot to mention that we went through Emi's clothes and culled out everything she has outgrown. It was a lot because she's grown over 6 inches in height over the last year. She is now a shade taller than me. So, I scored a few loungey type clothing items to keep for myself and a large trash sack of stuff to take to Salvation Army.

We went in to TJMaxx to grab undies and socks (not a great selection of undies, BTW) but we kept getting drawn into the kitchenwares section. Emi ended up getting us some fabulous hand made fudge (Chocolate Cherry for me) and I grabbed some stuff to stock the spice cabinet and also some water bottles that were on clearance.

TJMaxx Spoils
These recycle BPA-free water bottles were $2 each!

I also got a bar of yummy smelling soap for the kitchen...
Love This Soap
Smells so nice...and not antibacterial...I am not a fan of antibacterial soap or hand sanitizers..
Emi and I made White Chili for dinner and she made a nice mirepoix to top our crusty bread - so comforting.  My little chef and entrepreneur also pocketed $10 from parking 1 car in our drive. Such a creative little girl!

Mirepoix on Toasted Baguette
Nice on a rainy Indian Summer evening...
 Emi had a soccer game this afternoon so the Little Ones missed their nap so we could support big sister on the sidelines. After the game (we lost 0-1) we hit up Braums for some banana shakes and David spotted a police officer.  Officer Mark is actually a Highway Patrolman. I told David he should ask him why we don't point guns at each other. David asked him why he had his gun and he explained that he needed it to protect us from bad guys. When Officer Mark was explaining that we don't point guns at people unless we are in imminent danger, David starting telling him about Michael Jackson turning into a kitty cat and let him know that there were zombies at our house that he needed to come over and shoot. The officer told him that he could definitely shoot zombies if he ran into any at our house. We may need to clarify things like "shoot" and "zombies" and "Michael Jackson" with David. And we also may need to curb the zombie talk (The Walking Dead OMG!!) Speaking of, I need to go as TWD is almost on...

Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. oh wow! i love your puppy. i bet he is a great snuggle buddy :)

  2. LiveLoveNYC: yes, my Kirbs is a cuddler. We used to imagine him talking with a British accent all proper and sweet, but he's an old dog so we gave him a cantankerous old man voice instead. I don't think Cavis CAN be anything but sweet (their negativity bred out) but it's funny to imagine him barking orders at us and being complainy (like a cat). Sweet boy he is!


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