12 October 2011


This past weekend was glorious with the rain and the cooler temps ....

It Rained!
2 inches of soaking rain!
Last week I was looking at moving my blog to my hosted domain on Webhero.com when I found almost $200 of referral fees waiting for me....the little bits here and there came from when I helped set up websites for other reunions/classes over the past few years. I had no idea the money was sitting there waiting for me. While it's not the lottery, any time I come into money, I am a happy camper!

Also, shoes make me happy and I think that's in my blood line. ;.) I got some new tsinelas (pronounced chinelas - the tagalog word for slippers or flip-flops) from Atwoods for only $9.94. I was looking at the BOGS boots for inclement weather when I got distracted by these cuties...  will have to go back to get the cute short boots when they go on sale...

Please excuse my heinous toes!!  The 2nd toe was broken by a family member after the U2/BEP concert 3 years ago...he was going in for a hug and my UGGs didn't protect my toes at all when he stepped on that poor foot. ;.(
I got sidetracked by the plagues in my house that I forgot to check on this bloom until it was too late. I forgot that Passion Flowers only bloom for a day. Usually there is more than 1 or 2 blooms so I have a chance at capturing an open flower... maybe next time...

Missed Bloom
Missed It ;.(
We have a new dishwasher! This makes me so happy!!!

Never have I been so excited about an appliance before...

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  1. Hooray for the new dishwasher! :) My parents actually wash all their dishes by hand even though they have a perfectly functioning dishwasher. Not us! We use ours all the time!


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