31 October 2011

A Fall Weekend

We opted not to buy costumes this year so Emi had to get really creative with stuff we already had around the house. We nabbed the rasta mouse ears at Disney a couple of years ago and Emi went with it...
Minnie Marley
Emi dressed up as Minnie Marley
We started the weekend with a trip out to my friends' place to experience their Haunted Forest. All week we'd been prepping David with the knowledge that yes, it will be frightening, but they will give you candy!! Every day this week we talked about the fact that the props were fake and emphasized the candy-giving portion of the event, but even with all the prep, David still freaked out walking around with all of us in the forest. Aubri would shake with a scare and walk past the terrifying prop to grab some candy.

But for David things went from
Holy Terror, Batman!
David decided he didn't want to be in the Haunted Forest after a few short scares...candy or no.


David Holding Teresa (a yooge spider)
Can I hold the spider?
in a matter of seconds...

What? I am still getting the heebie jeebies looking at the photo of this and I was there to witness my son's bravery.

So, we survived the Haunted Forest and Saturday morning we ventured out the National Weather Festival. It was nice to see many people that I work with in person for a change. Most of the time it seems we collaborate online. Nice to see how things are going in the National Weather Center.

Learning about Water Systems
Explaining Artesian wells to the children...

Posing with Eagle
Emi hugging Eagle

NWC Fountain
NWC Fountain

Struck by Lightning?
Struck by Lightning....

We had a great weekend even though I didn't get my closet unloaded and painted like I had planned (or maybe it was because I didn't get that done). Luckily I have many more days to take care of those big purging and organizing projects. I did manage to cull out lots of pictures to toss (out of focus or extra pics of the cats from way back) and give to my family members. That was just phase one of that effort. I also removed the greenery and lights from my peace wreath form and now I have an ugly wire form that will need paint and/or other covering.

We really raked in the candy recently and it's not over yet. I was crafty and created gift bags (nothing super sexy or anything, just clear bags and orange ribbon) and was able to move a lot of that candy back out of our house into David's classroom.

I snuck in a little time with the girls at The Mont Saturday night too. That was nice because it wasn't crowded and the birds were so friendly (aggressive) trying to get at our chips!

Girls Night at The Mont
Kristy, Sharmin and me

Happy Halloween, friends!


  1. What a fun weekend! Worth "missing out" on those purging chores :-). Such a wonderful time for year for kids - fond memories. As for the tarantula...oy. Happy Halloween!

  2. The way I always look at it is, no one is going to recall if I cleaned or was organized on such and such day. But, the kid(s) will recall me taking the time out and being with them when they are grown and have kids.

    Your poor lil guy! Ok so I can't say anything after scaring Blake but, he is almost 20. ;-) haha

    I love how you spell Aubri's name.

    You two have beautiful kids!

    Glad you got a chance to hang with your friends.


  3. Annie, I resumed those chores yesterday. I actually emptied my closet and painted it and we sorted through what would go back in, what would be donated and what would go down in the basement. Very cathartic! Monday night we sorted through the candy and siphoned some off to bring in to work to share.

    Jackie, Thank you! I love my beautiful kids! And David has that expression quite often with new experiences. They had the best time Monday night running from house to house trick or treating. He kept running back saying "I forgot to say 'Thank You'" Good kid!


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