11 October 2011

Monday Mulligan

Yesterday didn't turn out quite like I had planned. Not that any of my days really turn out as planned but I was so looking forward to my day off. No kids, no husband, no plans, just me at the house by myself with some books that I've wanted to finish and maybe a project or two. I really thought that I'd done enough "sacrificing" for the family, but I guess not.

Last week we had health issues with the kiddos that sidelined some of our plans, but no big deal. Friday, we drove 2 hours to visit with the Little Ones' birth parents for a little over 3 hours and then we drove back 2 hours plus some to pick up Emi from her Grandma Babe's house. That was a very long day, but still, no biggie because it was so sweet to see our 3 kids together again, loving on each other and playing with their new toys. It was obvious that they missed each other being apart for 2 days.


Party Time


Back to yesterday. I had the day off and I planned to take care of the rest of the dishes in the sink,  run a load of donables to Salvation Army and then, read the rest of The Shack.  That was the original plan but last week when Emi was gone I really missed her, so I decided to have lunch with her at school. So after I dropped off all of the kids at their schools, I came home and immediately got busy with my projects.

I moved between the kitchen (washing a batch of dishes to dry) to the sun room (culling out toys for donation) to the basement (sorting out stuff for donation/trash/relocation). The good news is that I was able to fill the back of the Disco with 6 bags of kids clothing, toys and other sundry items AND I located our "set it and forget it" appliance that my mom gave to us many years ago. That baby is now safely in our pantry and we now have a little more room in the closet on my side of the basement.

Note: I also found a box of VHS videos that came with us in the move 6 years ago. I felt like chunking it in its entirety and I would have except for the fact that some of the labels had things like "Emi walks 2003" and "Mom visit" on them. My Pink Floyd The Wall video was in there too.  I really need to sort through that box for video to keep and convert, but that will be for the next time I purge the house of old and unused things.

After loading up the Disco, I headed out to drop off the donables, pick up some cleaning supplies and lunch, then meet Emi in her cafeteria. That was a crazy 30 minutes! Emi asked what I was doing on my day off and I told her about what I had accomplished and she chided me saying I was wasting my day, that I should do something enjoyable like read or nap. I told her that those 2 items were the last on my agenda and I would tackle them after I got home and had a shower. 

When Emi was dismissed for recess, I sped home to hang with Scott on his lunch break. I was home for all of 5 minutes when the Little Ones' school director called. She said that David was a little warm and he said he felt like throwing up. Great! It was nap time for the kids at this time and his temperature was low enough where I was given the option to pick him up after nap, but I decided to go immediately and take him to the doctor to make sure he didn't also have strep.

He knew I had the day off and he also knew that Aubri got Gummi Bears when I took her to the doctor so part of me was thinking that he was trying to work the day into his favor. {he can be very crafty} He had a low fever and the doctor said his throat was red and irritated and while he didn't perform a strep test on him, he concluded that he had strep (based on the fact that his sister had scarlatina and his symptoms). I let him have a few Gummi Bears and some watermelon so he wouldn't be taking his medicine on an empty stomach and he spent the afternoon in bed getting some much needed rest and I got a 10 minute nap before I needed to pick up little sister.

I didn't finish my book but I got a nice long bath and a couple of chapters read before I helped (watched) Scott uninstall our old crappy dishwasher. ;.)

Tonight, we are tired but we have a new dishwasher installed (I helped) with the first load of dishes running...

Maybe I will finish my book tomorrow?

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