04 September 2012

That Family

Today we jumped off a cliff and became "that family". That family that has to be in multiple places at the same time because of kiddo activities. We've coasted by for the past couple of years as Emi's extra-curriculars changed up because the Little Ones were too young for team sports. Now our worlds have been rocked because the energy-packed David finally has his own soccer team!

First Soccer Practice
Soccer or Kick Boxing? Who cares? As long as these boys have some sort of outlet, right?

I'm so happy for the little guy too because he has needed his own thing. He is smart and coordinated and strong and energetic; and those characteristics need to be channeled into something good (vice hanging out on the Devil's Playground). I asked his coach to run him ragged and I think he succeeded because during dinner last night, David told Daddy that was was tired. What? I have NEVER (in 2.5 years) heard that boy admit that he's tired.

So this week officially begins the roller coaster ride of getting each kid to their corresponding activity/event/game/party/practice. Can you imagine how CRAZY it will be next year when Aubri starts up with soccer and Emi is in middle school? I'm trying not to panic about it too much in advance.

Emi's on 2 sports teams and in chorus (of course!) and she also wants to be in Science Club and Robotics Club. Luckily she can fit it all in but there may be days where things overlap. I am so proud of my little girl who has all of the confidence in the world. She is loving being a 5th grader and frequently talks about college. I am not sure I even knew what college WAS when I was in the 5th grade (although I spent a lot of time at OU computer labs playing with the card readers back then).

David is on the cusp of reading, if he could just focus. Aubri may be reading before him because she CAN focus. I can relate to David because my mind races too, but I enjoy the opportunity to plop down with a good book. He likes to ask us for made up words in the hopes that he might accidentally spell something sweet or fun.  Can I have an A-O-O-F? Nope, fresh out, buddy!

On a related note: in an effort to help the Little Ones learn more words we've posted lots of words in upper and lower case letters on every day objects. It's working!

Words Around the House
Recognizing words... not so much their messes...
I guess with 2 in soccer now I can't escape becoming a "Soccer Mom" now, huh?

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