19 September 2012

Hippie, Hippie Feet

Our yearly trek to the music festival was this past weekend and I've got the feet to prove it.

Just kidding. My feet are already rough and in need of a pedicure most days so I'm not sure this weekend made much of a difference..

We survived a few days of camping and the festival!

Scott and the Little Ones (wouldn't that be a cool band name?) went up Wednesday and Emi and I came up the next day. We got one night of peace and quiet and chilling out at home just me, Emi and Gracie. We dined on Ray's BBQ and watched The Family That Preys. We also did laundry and packed and cleaned house...

When we left Norman Thursday around lunch, it was raining fairly hard and it kept up until late Friday afternoon. I was considering cutting my wrists it was so dark and dreary.

It was brutal with the cold, fat rain drops falling constantly and our tent leaking here and there. When it was time for bed, I took comfort in my Angry Birds pajamas.  [Note: I am not an Angry Birds fan - sorry!- but I will pay $18.47 for adult size footed pajamas in whatever design available to survive a camp trip.] 

The next day was filled with clouds and on again off again rain and I threatened to drive back home if the weather stayed rainy.  The ground was so soggy and the dirt roads turned to mud. It was a good thing we packed our rain boots.  


We didn't get out to the stages much as a family, me and the kids mainly hung out around the camp site, but we did get out to see Mountain Heart play. Actually, I didn't get to see much as I was keeping an eye on the Little Ones and the floppy frisbee they were tossing around... trying not to catch it with the side of my head...

Daddy and David

And Saturday night, the Dizzy Pickers came to our camp to play for us.  That was so great to have our own private concert. They are from our home town so we need to get to The Deli to see them sometime.

Click and listen to them and try not to just love Tracy's voice.

Dizzy Pickers at Our Camp!
Enjoying some red wine and the Dizzy Pickers (That's what she said!)

You can listen to some of their musical stylings and watch my cute little man drum the heck out of some towels at the same time below. Isn't technology amazing?

Saturday night I got a chance to get away from the kiddos to check out the music from the surrounding camps. It's so cool that you can just walk into another camp site and join in or just listen to the beautiful music.

David, Sherita and Emi
Happy Smiley!

Asian Chicken
I just threw this together...Asian Chicken (for Lettuce Wraps)

Peace from the RV Storage Area
These guys went straight from "hobo" mode right into "stowaway" mode when Leta opened up her RV storage area!
We also had a game going on constantly where whenever someone said "That's What She Said!" everyone had to take a drink of their drink. It's gotten pretty bad in our circles because people always say things that can be applied. I was smart enough to take small sips...

The trip did make me think hard about learning to play a musical instrument. Maybe when the weather gets colder and I run out of homework and chores....hah!

I was ready to get home though. It was a long week at work and I could have used some solitude. Hanging out in the tent while the kids slept is not the same thing... Plus I missed my Gracie Girl!

We're hoping to put together another family camp trip this fall and I'm looking forward to that!

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