26 September 2012

Brush with Fame

Back in the late 80's/early 90's my friends and I frequented a little club called Yucatan Liquor Stand. I don't know how we fit clubbing in with such a full schedule of classes and work but if you make something a priority, you find the time, right?

Anyway, one night I was there with my first roomie, Stacy, and she pointed out "Zeke" from Saved by the Bell.  I wasn't familiar with him because I didn't watch the show, but I was intrigued that someone famous was among the regulars at our watering hole. He was sitting with his body guard when we came over to introduce ourselves. My friend asked him if he was "Zeke" and he corrected her and said he was "Zack", then he told us he was Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

I recall him being too young to drink, but he bought me a Long Island Tea (actually his body guard did for him) so I hung out for a while and chatted. He looked uncomfortable being out in the hot Oklahoma summer night and his body guard kept the girls from getting too close to him.

Before you ask, no I didn't mug down with him (he seemed like such a kid!) but I did ask for his autograph....2 times apparently. First, he signed a dollar bill for me with crayon and after I examined it closely (in the dark lit club after a LIT) I decided it wasn't good enough for proof and had his bodyguard give us a pen and he signed a napkin.

After that night I did watch Saved by the Bell a few times just to see his work and then I promptly forgot about him.  But a few years ago I saw a preview for a new comedy series, Franklin and Bash and wondered where my long lost autographs went. It wasn't enough to prompt a search though.

So I found these in a box of old pictures and stuff this past weekend (I was looking for a mouse for my laptop!).

So what does one do with items like these? Suggestions?

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  1. Ebay? Contact his fan club? Or keep them as a memento -- sounded like a fun night!


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