09 September 2012

Blowing Through the Jasmine in My Mind

This weekend was filled with lots of kiddo things. Emi decided to played the cello (and I love this!) so we had to find her an instrument.

Beautiful Things
And Emi and David both had their first soccer games of the season on Saturday.

David's Soccer Team
Too Freakin' Cute

And tonight we finally got to go to a Summer Breeze concert as a whole family and it was a good one - we even brought little Gracie along... 

Bubble Gum Sno Cone
Look at that sweet Gracie Boo Boo, I mean Gracie GuRu...

Pretending Not to Notice the Cute Corgi
And look at her pretending not to notice that CUTE Corgi sitting so close to her...

We got to the park a little early so that the kids could do some arts and crafts that were offered as part of the Luncheon on the Grass event (sponsored by the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Firehouse Art Center, the Jacobson House and the Norman Arts Council).


David found some bubbles to eat...

Chasing Bubbles

But we brought some roasted red pepper dip and mustard turkey meatballs to nosh on during the concert as well (if the bubbles didn't fill him up, that is).

Listening to The Trishas

It was a nice ending to a nice weekend...

Stink Eye
Aubri trying to look intimidating to Daddy - she didn't want him to take her picture...

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