27 September 2012

Earth Shaking

While in class today I felt the building move a little and I turned to ask my co-workers if that was an earthquake. One was quick to say it wasn't an earthquake - the building's been doing that all week,  and the other pulled out her iPhone and confirmed that it was an earthquake 77 miles away. Two, in fact. The one with the correct answer lives where many of the earthquakes occur back home in Oklahoma. The other one must be smoking crack or on the same cough meds I was on last year. The dude from California didn't even notice the building moving...


  1. I was just thinking about earthquakes the other day, Nolita. Never imagined I'd experience my first one in Oklahoma (!), but after some of the tremors we've felt since we moved here, I'm conscious of the ground under my feet.

    1. Kim, did you feel the one this morning just before 4? I didn't but I woke up and Scott said he thought he heard something scratching and little miss Gracie was in bed with us. My theory is that he heard the windows rattling from the tremor.


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