09 April 2012

Keep on Truggin'

Friday Emi and I tried to make Easter Egg decorations a la HeyKayli (as posted on my friend Jackie's blog)

These eggs weren't very sturdy and began to unravel quickly after Little Ones handled them...I will try again because it was easy and I would try crochet thread vice embrodery thread next time....

Saturday Papa Dave, Shawna, Jasmine and the Little Ones' PawPaw came over for a visit and it was a very nice time.

David and His PawPaw
David and His PawPaw

Later we colored eggs...

Coloring Eggs

And you might remember those sexy garden trug tubs I got last month to assist me in my yardening efforts.  Well, I found some smaller trug tubs at Target this time and in concert with the Easter bunny, we supplied the Little Ones with galoshes and a yonanas frozen treat maker for Emi. I think the tubs will be very used around the house and in the yard this summer...

The kids could barely contain their excitement as they could see goodies waiting for them from the hallway!

Easter Baskets and Tubs
David's Galoshes
In the afternoon when I donned my rain/garden boots to work in the dirt digging up dead bushes, David rushed to get his galoshes on to ride his bike. I wish I had gotten photos of this but my gloved hands were covered in dirt...it was too cute!

The children loved their Easter gifts as well as the jelly beans, Robin eggs and chocolate bunnies that were in their baskets. Imagine that! Emi used her yonanas machine this morning to make strawberry/banana/apple "ice cream". She is not normally a fan of bananas but today she mentioned that we need to get more bananas (instead of pestering me to take her to Eskimo Sno's).

We hunted for eggs in our Living Room, went to church and then to lunch at MeeMaw's and PeePaw's house. We had another egg hunt for the littlest kids.

Beautiful Blue
 I didn't want the weekend to end....it was nice hanging with the family.

I hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend, friends!

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