10 April 2012

What's Growin' On?

Okay, raise your hand if you are hearing Marvin Gaye right now...

This is what's growin' on around the Morgan's house right now:

Watermelon and Kabocha!
Watermelon and Kabocha from produce purchased at Natural Grocers

I guess I really need to get busy turning over the soil in my garden, huh?

First Passionflower Bloom
First Passionflower Bloom (I hope I can get more blooms this summer)

Irises are not my favorite but they are working overtime in my yard...

Butterfly Ginger
Butterfly Ginger brought back from Florida last summer... the chickens ate the ones we left outside near the banana plants...

It's not all pretty though. I still have all manner of weeds trying to take over my lawn and patio.

Weed Invasion
This is about 1/3 of the patio that I have to weed. I am about ready to get out the flamethrower!

and pond ...the tadpoles are back or are still here or are TAKING OVER...

More Frogs Than Fish
Hold Me {this is going to be a Weekend Warrior project and I'd prefer it to be a While You Were Out project}

Unrelated: A couple of weeks ago Emi talked me into buying some tropical flavored apples. I was skeptical and curious so we got some to try. When I opened the packages, I did not notice any discernible tropical scent and the fruit felt really waxy (so I rinsed them) and when I cut open the apples some of the seeds had already sprouted inside. Of course I had to put them into a pot to see if they'd grow...and they are...check with me in about 7-10 years to see if we bear any fruit...

I actually have researched growing apples and it's really complicated. I used to want to grow Fuji apples (and still sort of do) but I think I'll put that goal on the back burner for now.

BTW, the verdict on the apples was just meh. Apples don't need any additional flavors (except maybe almond butter) to entice this family to eat them. If it ain't broke...

What about you, friends? What's growin' on with you?


  1. I don't have anything growing on. I used to keep a flower bed in the front of our house but it is now full of weeds and I don't have the energy or back to deal with it anymore. I do miss planting things in the spring and watching it come to life. I was never as good as you are at growing things. You for sure have a green thumb!

    Have a blessed day.


  2. Your passion flower is GORGEOUS! I just planted a whole bunch of petunias on Thursday (freebies from one of the elderly ladies where my hubby works) and my herbs are sprouting nicely. Gotta do the tomatoes and peppers yet, but there are some "volunteers" up already. I am soooo not a green thumb, but I try. :)


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