13 April 2012

Too Close for Comfort

This afternoon shook us up just a bit. For the past 2 days we'd been hearing that Oklahoma and Kansas were going to get some severe weather on Saturday, but the skies looked a bit ominous today as I was picking up the kiddos from school around 4pm. The skies poured rain on us as we headed home and we got stuck behind a postal truck that was partially pulled over. We were listening to the radio when Emi asked "What's that?" pointing just to the south of us. She said she thought she saw a tornado but I assured her it wasn't a tornado just as the power lines started flashing and popping! That got our attention and then - BAM! - a trampoline came out of nowhere and smashed our windshield!

That's when we left the Disco and ran for shelter in the school across the street. The Little Ones were crying and Emi lost her flip flops, but we were safe - and the sirens were going off a little late. After we calmed down and the severe weather dissipated a bit, we went out to survey the damage (and find Emi's shoes).

Trampoline on Disco
Trampoline on Disco

Trampoline on Disco
Traffic was diverted around us until we could remove the trampoline...

Trampoline Penetrated
This hole was the scariest because it was in front of Emi!

When Scott came to get us, David refused to get back into the Disco after all of the terror we'd experienced. David went with Daddy and we girls drove Salty home and then got into Beulah to continue with our plans to celebrate Scott's birthday at The Garage. We also celebrated surviving some severe weather tonight. It's not over though, tomorrow's supposed to get rough too.

Stay safe, friends!


  1. Nolita, how SCARED, but how thankful I was that you & your family were okay. Ya don't see that happenin' every day! Looks like things are brewing for another round -- YOU please stay safe, too! (So far, so good here.)

  2. Small world. My daughter recognized your kids in the picture. She was sheltering at Alcott too.


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