30 April 2012

Let the Music Play

He tried pretending
A dance is just a dance
But I see
He's dancing his way back to me
He's dancing his way back to me

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, here's a recap of my weekend.

Emi's soccer team went undefeated this season so they participated in a soccer tournament this past weekend. Her team won their game on Saturday (No pics because I forgot the camera!) and that meant we had at least one more game on Sunday. After her game, we met my friend Stina and her kids at the house and the kids went swimming for a while while we adults relaxed in the yard before heading out to the Norman Music Festival.

David's Sharmin

We ran into Sharmin at the Jack Daniels stage where a cool band was playing their version of "Me and Mrs. Jones".

First Stage

I wanted to hang out there for a while but we decided to head to The Garage to see if any of our friends were still there. It was a bit crowded for us so we ended up outside near the food trucks. I can't complain though because I finally got to sample Big Truck Tacos....and I approve! CJ's Verde Pork Taco rocked my world.  Their menu also reminded me that I need to find the time and ingredients on hand to make my husband migas for breakfast so I can cross that off my Living List....

And we passed by my first apartment (Back then I called it a flat because that's what it felt like, I imagined).  For a couple of semesters before that I'd lived with a friend in a cool house (we called it the Gnome Home) but that summer I wanted my own pad so I moved into a place on Main Street in the old opera house.  It was too cool to be able to walk down to Hyde Drugstore for sundries and at nights across the street to Kelly's to listen to music...and afternoons spent sunning on the roof...

So Long Ago
I have some polaroids from inside that apartment somewhere...of me, Gail and my sister drinking wine, sitting on my pleather furniture, thinking we were cool hanging out in my flat.

We also walked by the location of our wedding reception 15 years ago (almost 16 years!)!

Norman Depot
Blurry shot of the train coming through...

We didn't get to hear much more music than Mrs. Jones at the Jack Daniels stage largely due to these guys

UnbelievableJackson, Emi, David and Grace@NMF

and the fact that some marketing geniuses put a carnival right in the middle of the music festival!

Between foraging for food and begging to ride the rides and hunting for the elusive face painters, we didn't have time to seek out any performances. But we had a good time with the kids and good friends and we listened to music on the way to the carnival.

The next day Emi went to her first soccer game with coach while we went with the Little Ones to surprise their Ganny Gan at her church. It was a nice surprise for us all...looking forward to the next visit.

David and Ganny Gan
David and Ganny Gan

After lunch we met up with Emi and her team to watch them win the tournament! We are so proud of our baby girl!

1st Place!
Here's hoping that you let the music play this week, friends!

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  1. Awesome! I'm glad you guys got to meet her!


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