15 April 2012

Weekend Roundup

Well, the rest of the weekend was not quite as exciting (or hysterical) for some of us, thankfully!

Did I mention that we'd only had Salty (our Disco) back for a week? After extensive engine repair work? The kind of repairs where one seriously considers whether to keep said automobile or trade it in? We had the whole engine resealed while I was in DC.  It bought us another 60-75K miles on her so it's worth it. But now it might be a while before I will get to drive her around on my RDO.  Thankfully, thankfully, thankfully no one was hurt and the Disco can be fixed...and we have good insurance. Wonder if now's the time to have that Turquoise Paint job that I mentioned on my Living List?


So Saturday we trekked up to the North side of the city to meet Papa Dave, Shawna, Jasmine, and PawPaw and Great, Grandma Margaret (who is 96!!! and sharper than a tack...and very sweet). We also met Aunt Vicky and a small cousin, Alyssa.

With Great Grandma Tampkins
Great Grandkids with Great Grandma Margaret

Later, Emi had a soccer game (which she won - she scored TWO goals!) and I stayed home with the Little Ones because I was a little concerned about the weather (after Friday night)...I didn't want to get caught out in it again. At bedtime, the eldest child was a little PTSD and begged to sleep with the littlest one (who was already asleep...such an innocent trusting little soul, that one). And sleep was interrupted every couple of hours by the following: dog 12:30am, eldest/middle child at 2:30, dog again at 4am, kids again I can't remember when. I just know I didn't sleep enough at one time to reset my brain so I may or may not have hallucinated earlier today... We did manage to get outside for sunshine and yardwork this afternoon and I feel like we made some serious headway:

Hot Tub: Gone!
Check it out!

I weeded this bed (and the flagstone patio)

Getting There
And this bed... and surrounding area...

I also weeded my garden but before I can do any more yardwork, I will need more gardening gloves...mine are thrashed with holes now....it was worth it...feeling like maybe just maybe we might be able to get a handle on this yard of ours this year...

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  1. So thankful you guys were ok. I was trying to email you but my phone wasn't cooperating and I was stuck in the truck on our way to Poteau when I found out that Norman got hit. I was finally able to pull up your blog on my phone and found out you got it but were all ok. That was scary.

    glad you got the yard work under control. I'm sure that feels good. :-)



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