18 April 2012


The spindly passionflower went from this:

Passion Flower Vine
July 2011
to this:
Passion Flower Blooming
April 2012
Last year we got a single bloom and I missed it. Now I am seeing a few each day and I bet I get fruit this year like I did back in 2009. I'm hoping my kiwi vines do as well or better.

And I got a single bloom from my peonies after I removed a ton of suffocating growth from around the clump of plants.

Only Peony
A prominent color in my yard it seems - this summer I hope to mix it up a bit...

I decided to divide the peonies now before another year passes by... so I planted 4 of the newer offshoots to the East of the Moon Flower plant (which I will keep in check this summer) and just North of the red Asiatic Lillies that will hopefully grow and bloom this summer.

Peonies and Asiatic Lillies
Watch this space for changes...

Speaking of plants that come back every year.... I can totally recommend banana trees (mine overwinter outside), day lillies and irises... All of these plants come back thicker every year and I'm still amazed each time I catch some spot of color in my yard.



My almond tree looks heart shaped these days...completely opposite of the way the tree is supposed to be shaped. I probably should have pruned it better a few years ago when I let it get too bushy. Oh well, I think it's pretty and it looks healthy and I hope we still get almonds one day.

Heart Shaped

This is what things look like from the dog yard (through the almond tree)...

Through the Almond Tree

Can you say cabana? (Maybe one day...)

Welcome to the Jungle

How about jungle?

I am working my way up to working on this area again... I neglected it last year and it sort of scares me now...maybe I should have ended this post with the cabana thoughts? Nah...we keep it real around here...

Hope you are enjoying this fabulous weather even if it's for only a bit...


  1. Beautiful. I just bought the passion flower and am putting in the garden today!

    1. BTW, I have enjoyed your sharing stories and images of the books we both have in common from childhood. I really need to read from them to my kids so they can appreciate them too!


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