01 January 2012

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Yesterday was a beautiful day - I actually wore shorts in December (not for the first time, but still!). After a week of feeling like hell with the sinus congestion and cleaning out my office, it was really nice to open the windows and air out the house and get out in the sunshine.

For New Year's Eve we decided to stay home this year and ease into 2012. Emi and I picked up snacks after some thrift store shopping, and we started off the evening with some important culturization.

Watching Stooges
What could be capturing their attention so?

Three Stooges
But, of course!

We alternated between the Three Stooges and The Walking Dead marathons for a while, and then the BEP Experience came out and some of us got to dancing. I got to bed before the "party" was over but not before I got to smooch with my sweetie.

I am looking forward to the new year and so happy to not be feeling/looking like a zombie anymore!


  1. Glad your feeling better! I am happy David or I havent got sick. Miss you guys!

  2. happy new year nolita! wishing you and your family an excellent 2012!

  3. i love the look of that couch! very red red red!


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