16 January 2012

Weekend Wrapup

After my second week at my new job (my first full week), I was really looking forward to the first L-O-N-G weekend of the new year. Friday was all about easing into the weekend.

Strong Boy
My Big Strong Boy (letting me sit on his lap)

And Saturday we got outside to play. It was another gorgeous weekend and I'm sooo glad. My kids and I are so much happier when they can get out and release some energy.

Emi wanted Ahi Tuna on the menu so we made it happen for dinner Saturday night. (yum!) So proud of my daughter for being open and creative in the kitchen... We seared the tuna on each side for 2-3 minutes and then topped the steaks with a sesame-soy sauce.

Searing Ahi Tuna
Searing Ahi Tuna
Ketiesha gave Emi a new do - twists! I am amazed at how quickly she can take out her current style and create a new style for Emi. Emi is happy to see her hair getting longer...

Marshmallow Candy
Twists, baby!
Sunday after church we hung out at my parents' house and I caught a quick cat nap while the kids played. Later I got another brief cat nap at home while the Little Ones were napping.

I could get used to this...

And today was really nice. Balmy weather. Clean bedsheets. Lunch at El Chico. Baked Potato Soup for dinner. Safetyville game with the kids.

Looking forward to another short week...


  1. Sorry, I have been off the grid. Sounds like a nice weekend.



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