20 January 2012

Babes' Mouths and Heavenly Provisions

David talks a LOT. Sometimes I don't think he takes a breath when recounting a story or event. Lately, he's been saying some things that really catch us off guard.

The other night Salty (our Disco) leaked coolant in the driveway (bad automobile!).  We were concerned that maybe our cats might've helped themselves to some of the sweet nectar. David overheard us talking about the cats and what we'd do if they died (bury in the back yard) and he began to recount when Brown Sugar died, going into great detail about the hawk attack (which he did not see) and then he said "It's not fair!" We totally agreed ....I mean they were both birds of roughly the same size but one was much stronger, quicker and equipped with better eyesight; in the end, the less-gifted bird lost. I had never really thought about things that way - only thought about the Circle of Life lesson learned (and also that everything in nature prefers chicken!).

Speaking of British cars, Scott just told me a quote from Cars 2 regarding them:  'Mater said "if there ain't any oil under 'em, there ain't no oil in 'em" (The same can be said about the coolant?)

So last night we dropped Salty off at our mechanic's garage and immediately followed our neighbor to an estate sale site (she organizes estate sales!) so that we could check out the car that was up for bid.  We were amazed at the immaculate condition this woman left her home and possessions, including her car. She had recorded each time she'd filled up with gas to keep track of mileage and kept all her service records. So this car was driven by one owner, a little old lady (who only drove it on Sundays?). While we checked out the items for sale and talked about the previous owner's meticulousness of her car and home, little ears were listening in...

David quietly asked "Did someone kill the human?" (Note: I have suspected for some time that David was an alien. It started soon after he joined our family and would magically heal up overnight from some very serious cuts. That plus the Jedi thing.) What an interesting way to ask how she passed... Our neighbor told us that the old woman died suddenly months ago....we were still in awe about the condition she left things (so suddenly)...and how things would be found in our homes if we were to suddenly pass.

So we are now the proud owners of a Buick (Thank you, God!). We also got our Salty back with minimal damage to the pocketbook (cracked coolant reservoir). Now we need to come up with a name for our new (to us) car. Any suggestions?

The Real Find
Here she is...

Scott and I spent my first RDO together taking care of business, running errands and we got to hit a garage sale AND an estate sale. Here are some of the other items we brought home:

My $5 haul
My $5 Haul - drink tray, soup ladle, citrus juicer and earrings...

The deceased was the owner of a restaurant near my middle school way back when and I figured these cool items had some good juju! Plus the $2 earrings were just my style.

Scott came away with a cool vintage flag (jumper cables and 2 albums not pictured)

Scott's Flag Find
Rock the Vote, Baby!

And I found the perfect sweater for the contest next Christmas!

Found my Ugly Christmas Sweater ($3)
I actually thought the sweater was pretty and for $3, how could I resist?

All in all it was a good first RDO.  I got to spend the day with my honey, we finally got that new (to us) car that we've been needing, we visited my old workplace, we took Emi to the podiatrist (orthodics are on order) and we got our girl Salty back.

Looking forward to the rest of the weekend with my family...

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend too, friends!

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  1. i love going to yard sales in the summer. its the best place to find unique jewelery and purses! i have a croc skin clutch that i got for 25 cents years ago, i get compliments every time i use it. go deals :)!


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