30 January 2012

Being Domesticated

Got a lot of stuff done around the house this past weekend. Friday before I retrieved the kids from school I stopped by the new Crest Market and loaded up on groceries. Wow!  I had to force myself to keep my eyes averted after a while because they have so many goodies there. I stayed the longest in the produce section and sushi/deli area (although I didn't purchase any sushi. Next time!). After I picked up the kids, we snacked on spicy guacamole (with cerveza, of course) while the chicken was cooking for our Swiss Chicken Salad (yum!).  

Saturday morning after a breakfast of bacon and eggs, Emi and daddy did the basketball thing and I got the Little Ones bathed and started trying to catch up on laundry.  After basketball, while Emi was getting a new do, I got busy  BAKING! I baked some Pumpkin Coconut Yeast Bread (and rolls) per Emi's request and then a loaf of Banana Nut Bread per David's request. FYI, David got a new do too!

Had to use a LOT of gel and hairspray on that awesome curly hair to make a fauxhawk...
After the bread was baked, we girls headed to Barnes and Noble to get a smoothie and peruse the $2 book sale. Oh how I've missed hanging out at the book store! 

While everyone scarfed down the yeast rolls and banana nut bread, they weren't so eager to chow down on what I served later at dinner - kabocha squash! I sliced it up like Heather always said she did and baked it in the oven with a little coconut oil. 


I thought it was yummy, but my family turned their noses up when I served it at dinner...good thing I served some spinach artichoke pasta with it. I was trying to come up with a meatless pasta dish and remembered that I had the ingredients for spinach artichoke dip so I added some neufchatel to my bechamel sauce base (with green onions vice onion powder) and added a can of artichoke hearts and lots and lots of spinach and shredded parmesan cheese. The dish was a creamy lighter version of the favored dip.

Sunday was a beautiful day.  Emi and I went riding bikes when the Little Ones were napping and after they woke up, they played outside while I raked leaves and daddy worked in the garage. It was so nice to be outside in the sunshine!

After dinner of baked flounder and cucumber salad, I served my family a cool treat made with that leftover kabocha squash. Into the blender I put 2 bananas, a small bag of frozen strawberries, vanilla yogurt and kabocha. The fam chowed down on this treat (yes, they were aware of the squash...I let them know in case anyone turned their nose up at this healthy treat...more for me!).

Hope you had a fabulous weekend too! 


  1. Sunday was such a gorgeous day, I agree!

    I've heard of this Crest grocery store...but we don't have one in Norman do we? Or have I missed something...?

  2. You sure pack a lot into your weekends - sounds so fun. I love Crest, too! But I don't get to go very often...sniff.

    PS...I gave your blog a Versatile Blogger Award :-). Details:



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