24 February 2013

What's Up?

Lots of things....

Digging in the yard (it's not just for the dog and chickens...)

Preparing the garden beds
Things are growing in the yard already and I'm trying to get the gardens and beds ready to plant things OTHER than the things that have accidentally grown in the yard over the years - quite a few mulberry trees have quietly grown in the beds and they are being excavated.

Maple Tree Blooms
Pretty Maple Blooms

Although it may not look like much, we've been digging around in this bed surrounding the pond. We only have 1 Mulberry Tree left to extract (it's a big one) and a few mounds of monkey grass entwined with Johnson Grass. I keep thinking back to the past 2 summers when it was so hot that I gave up caring what grew in my yard. We are trying to be aggressive and proactive (or maybe just keep up this year) so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor when it gets unbearably hot...

Tulips and Daffodils
Daffodils, Tulips and Irises
I am not sure about what to plant, but I'm thinking a bunch of strawberries on the side of the waterfall. We're also going to stock the pond (once cleaned) with fish we can actually eat (and our pretty goldfish too). Look for big transformations soon but don't be too disappointed if I peter out on this. I will have a mulberry tree-free yard for sure, but I am not guaranteeing that we will be able to survive off of what we produce in the yard this year. We can only get so many eggs, pecans and figs, right?

And we've been infused with basketball lately...

These girls dominated the court yesterday and won their tournament. We are SO proud of them!


And the other night some friends gave us their tickets to the OU women's basketball game. The little ones hadn't been before and Aubri had just asked if we could go some time. A couple of days later we were given tickets. Presto! At halftime the kids got to go out on to the court and meet with the OU Rowing Team and Baseball players to learn how to be fit.

Things have been nice and busy. We got 3 estimates on replaster of/repairs to the pool and we'll start that project soon. I am looking forward to finally getting that done.  With the hot tub gone and other little projects attended to in the yard, it will be like having a new pool.

And we finally replaced the ceiling fan in the pantry (formerly known as the "breakfast nook") and replaced the light fixture in the kitchen. We are in maintenance mode right now and it feels good to cross things off the list.


  1. This was such a happy pre-Spring post to read after the recent snow, hail, and rain. Your back yard will be (already is) a place of peace, play, and produce!

    1. I hope so, Kim! I am motivated and I hope to hang on to the motivation. With the impending sequestration, I may have some extra time on my hands too. Will definitely put it to good use... Are you growing anything there on the lake?


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