11 February 2013

Week Ending

This weekend was a rarity in that we didn't have any kidlet activities planned and we were able to hang out around the hacienda mostly. It was much needed down time after a long week at work.

Friday night Scott and I stayed up late after the kids were in bed and shelled pecans until our fingers bled. Just kidding. That would be gross! It's not like we don't have some snazzy nut shellers (I user the Texan Nut Sheller) or a method to the madness. We almost have it down to an art form these days. Which is good because we still have 3 trugs full in the sun room after we get through the 1/3 full trug in the Living Room.

We gave away that gallon bag to the Little Ones' birth mom who came over for a surprise (to them, not us) visit on Saturday.

Mama Bri!
Mama Bri!

It was a nice visit. Emi and I made Lettuce Wraps (with Thai Peanut Chicken for lack of a better name). It was fragrant and delicious and very messy. I am glad that we got extra chicken thighs because we want to make the same recipe again later this week using spring roll wrappers to hold everything together. It will be a new experience because usually when I wrap something up in an egg roll type wrapper (lumpia wrappers to my people), it is followed up with a deep fry.

Then on Sunday we went to my parents' house for lunch. While there we checked out the "beach" for rose rocks and it was disheartening what we found.

Lake Thunderbird is devastatingly dry.... I have never seen the lake like this before...

Lake Thunderbird
During our lake parties boats were tied up just a mere 20-30 feet from where Aubri is...it's so sad.

Lake Thunderbird

We definitely need to pray for rain....

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  1. Will have to follow up with your Texas Nut Sheller link after I comment, Nolita. (There's GOT to be an easier way!) Our lake is precariously low, too, even after a couple of downpours (which we thanked God for profusely!) Besides praying for rain, I'm praying for a summer in the mid-80's...


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