01 March 2013

Bizcation (What the What?)

I mean... Aloha, friends!

My body and mind are still on island time currently while I sit at the SFO on my 4 hour layover. I am not sure what to expect for sleeping patterns when I get home later tonight.

I was in Waikiki for work this week!!!  My work was actually on the north shore of Honolulu but there are limited accommodations over there.  I still can't believe I was in Hawai'i for work!

Monday night when forecasted blizzard conditions were supposed to hit, I hardly slept waiting for a text from the airline that my flight was canceled due to thunder snow and extreme howling winds. But I got lucky (again...the first time was in scoring this trip!) and the flight was not canceled. I left OKC at 6:22am and arrived in Hawai'i at a little before noon.

There was no group of lovely ladies hulaing and giving us leis when we landed though. Guess that's only in the movies? Or on the Big Island? There was a car waiting for us at the rental place though.

I had on long pants and long sleeves (my ski jacket stowed in my carryon because it was 33 degrees when we left Oklahoma) so the first order of business was to change into warmer weather clothing because it was 78 degrees there in Honolulu!!!

We drove around much of the afternoon taking in the views and ocean air. I felt guilty much of the time walking around in tsinellas while my family was at home in the windy snow\sleet\rain of winter. I don't think winter comes to HI.

Here's how natives describe the weather there: Sometimes same, sometimes a little bit different.

It was beautiful and the views I saw were awe inspiring. I did get to dip my feet into the surf but I didn't get to slip into my swimsuit (probably a mixed blessing there). And now I am trying to hang on to that aloha mana for a little longer.

I am happy to report that not only did we get all of our work accomplished, but I also have been on every highway in Honolulu. There are 3 and they are labeled as 'Interstate'. (What?)

Even though it was a quick trip, you know I took pics of everything so I can share my experience. I will upload pics soon.

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  1. Nolita, that's the kind of "work" that makes the rest of it worth it. So glad you had a "bizcation" -- in Hawaii! Looking forward to your photos.


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