14 February 2013

Heart Boiled Love

Ok, so maybe not love but EGGS!

I saw this idea posted in my FaceBook feed from a friend's pin on Pinterest. Is that considered 2nd or 3rd hand knowledge? 

You take freshly boiled eggs, peel them while warm and press chop sticks on them until cool. When you slice the eggs, they are heart shaped...

Well, they were heart-shaped when I went to bed last night anyway. They were a little flat on the bottom when the kids ate them for breakfast.

I think the point was that mom made breakfast with love...

1 comment:

  1. Nolita, I've seen everything from heart-shaped hard boiled eggs to tomatoes during "Valentine's Week." I like yours best of all! (Especially with the peace sign.) :) Cooking with LOVE is what it's all about.


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