07 February 2006

Wisdom of Solomon

This morning after prayer and lots of talk, we contacted Mickey's birth mom and asked her to come stay with us for a few days. We wanted to be sure that she felt comfortable taking care of the baby and we wanted to have some sort of transition. After all, we have grown attached to the baby and it's the least she could do in consideration of our feelings.

We were not looking to adopt another baby when she had called us, but we had faith that God wanted us to adopt her and went through the effort and time to do the paperwork, pay attorneys, get physicals, fly to NY and stay for 2 weeks, as well as caring for the baby since she was born.

We had been home for 2 weeks and were moving forward with our lives as a created family and she did not understand the ramifications of her actions at this point....she was very emotional, which is totally understandable. We felt like we understood her situation and were the most sympathetic to her needs than any of her family or the birth father's family. She agreed to stay with us for a few days.

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