07 March 2016

Working It Out (February Recap, Part Deux)

Two days later I was back in California for work.  The food this trip was outstanding, including the Evil Thai Princess salad I had at the Phoenix Airport (from La Grande Orange) and the Greek Salad from the company cafeteria.

The first night we dined at Napa Rose. I had the Smiling Tiger Salad with tempura lobster and spicy beef, and the Truffled Mac n Cheese. We also filled our bellies with cheese-crisped triangles of lavash. So, so good!
Smiling Tiger Salad
Smiling Tiger Salad

The next night we went back to Downtown Disney to get souvenirs and ended up dining at Catal. I had a wedge salad and Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. Yum! The waiter brought dessert out with candles for my birthday. (Yes, I was away from family on my birthday!)


It was pretty cool because as we were getting ready to leave, the fireworks show started! Bonus!

Fireworks from Catal
Love the tomato cage trellises. Need them in my backyard for the hops!

Lighted Trellises (*love*)
I hope to recreate these lighted trellises in my yard this summer!
The last night there, we went to Mr. BBQ. Good thing we were hungry because there was a lot of food for us to cook and sample.


I was told that I put the salmon on wrong. It was supposed to stay in the foil. It tasted good anyway.


The rowdy group I was with had the waiters bring me some birthday dessert (ice cream and pineapple).


It's a good thing I've started working out again.


The next morning I was up early on plane back home. My whole family (including Gracie) picked me up at the airport.

After we got home, we ate and then I was off with Aubri to Family Fun Night at her school. On FFN the school is turned into a funhouse and all of the tired parents are led through the halls as the kids act like they are in VEGAS! I was especially tired, but I owed it to the kidlet(s) who behaved, so I gave Aubri 1 hour to go bananas.

Then I was home - my blessed home - where I could sleep for a few hours before the next thing, which was Aubri's last basketball game of the season and awards ceremony.

Next, I met friends for a reading of the Science of Parenthood by the author, Norine Dworkin-McDaniel. That was fun!

Ready for a Reading


I got another birthday cake too!

#bestcake #labaguette
I love the chocolate cakes from La Baguette. Yum, yum, yum!

I made a Banh Mi Platter for movie night (The Good Dinosaur) and a creamy corn dip to go with. I know that is totally random, but I have a friend who suggests delicious cheesy recipes to me on a random basis and I am helpless. I must try them at once. It was a big hit, of course. So was the Banh Mi platter.

Movie Night Fare

We ended the weekend with a visit from cousin Lainey, who was in town from Florida. The kids like her just a little, can you tell?

Cousin Lainey

So that was February!!

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